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A basic guide to help AdSense pay you

A basic guide to help AdSense pay you

Most people have tried and failed to make money with AdSense, but found it wasn't as easy as people claimed. Many people fail to get close to the click-through rate they need, or the keywords they choose are generating low revenue. Here are some tips to hopefully help you improve and hopefully make some decent money.

Tip #1:Try to use all available advertisement :

  • Obviously, you don't want to make your <a href="http://cheaphost1ng.blogspot.com/"title="Cheap Website Hosting">website< a / > look like a long advertisement, but if you have enough content, you can place your advertisements around the page and it will look fine.

Tip #2: Make your ads look like the page:

  • Everyone who surfs the web expects advertisements on the pages, in fact, they will be shocked if there are none. Google AdSense allows you to change the colors of your advertisements. The common consensus among experts is to make ads blend in with your website as much as possible. But others think it is better to bring them out. So try different combinations and see which works best for your site.

Tip #3: Make sure your page has the right ads:

  • Many sites are not targeted enough. AdSense, therefore, places a wide range of different ads on the page. Research, a href="http://keywordphrases.blogspot.com/"title="Keyword Tips & Tricks">keywords</a> and try to make every page focus on a keyword or phrase. If your page is content-rich and has lots of keywords, ads will reflect the content of the page and you'll be more likely to get clicks from your visitors. At the end of the day, if they stumbled across your site looking for those keywords, chances are good they'll come back looking for the same keywords.

Tip #4 Make your site presentable :

  1. There's no point in having a content-rich site with great keywords if it looks like a kid made it. If you're not good at <a href="http://improvesite.blogspot.com/"title="Website Design Help">webdesign</a> try a freelancer, they do some very cheap work now. Try not to have popups, we all hate them so why try to subject your potential customers to them.
  2. Next time, a basic overview of <a href="http://www.informationextravaganza.blogspot.com/"title="SEO Information">search engine optimization</a>.

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