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Using sports to hook students into reading and writing comprehension

 Using sports to hook students into reading and writing comprehension

Could a college student be interested in reading and writing about sports? 

Most of us have heard over and over again in the media that our students are falling behind in

 reading and writing. Poor writing skills are said to be a problem for employers looking to hire

 graduates. Without these essential skills, it can be a fruitless future for our students. 

The Internet has a huge amount of information resources and could help if used wisely. A parent

 or teacher can publish the Internet address and bookmark it for the student. Provide a clear

 choice of assignment to read independently or in small groups, as well as perhaps assign a

 writing task.

Many websites now offer the ability to post stories, articles, and even photos or video clips. We

 took the time to purchase many sports domain names and created a portal web address to bring

 them all together in one place for free and easy access. AdventureZONEsports has set up

 language translation for English, French, Dutch/German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and

 offers stories, articles and video clips to watch on different sports. The website opens to an

 article posting page and links to stories and video clips on different sports. Once a story or

 article is successfully written, the article submission feature allows the student to become a

 published author. As students' skills improve, they can be proud and excited to show family and

 friends their writing online.

The sports collection includes archery, mountain biking, basketball, cycling, dirt bike, dodgeball,

 fencing, ice boating, kayaking, land sailing, motocross, mud racing, rafting, rodeo, rowing,

 sandboarding, skateboarding, skating, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, softball, squash, and

 waterskiing. Some of these sports are considered different or extreme and people of all ages may

 be interested in discovering sports they have never tried. For example, what do you know about

 sand yachting, ice boating or sandboarding? Additionally, there are sports like basketball,

 cycling, and winter sports that will allow the weekend homework student to participate by

 choosing one of the activities and create a written report on the week next. The report can be

 edited and submitted with the author's name for publication on the website.



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