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Postponing al nasr and Al-Taee until Ronaldos card arrives: What will happen?

Postponing al nasr and Al-Taei until Ronaldos card arrives: What will happen?

 The two officials came out in a statement about the reason why Ronaldo will not participate

 Thursday in the Al-Nasr match against Al-Ta’i, so that the fans were surprised that the match was

 postponed for the twelfth round of the league, which was to start at four o’clock Moroccan time,

 due to the failure of the Don.

The two officials refused to confirm whether the Don card was accompanied by a two-match non-

playing penalty.

And she went to Ronaldo, who was punished with a two-match ban last November, after smashing a

 mobile phone that a child was holding in his hand, an Everton fan, during the end of the match,

 which his former team, Manchester United, lost last April.

The turnout was high, as all tickets for the meeting, which was to take place at the "Marsool Park"

 stadium for victory, which holds more than 25 thousand spectators, were sold out.

Al-Nassr is at the top of the Saudi League, with 26 points in 11 matches.