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Morocco squad against Portugal

 Morocco squad against Portugal on Saturday

• 🥅 Goalkeepers:

 Yassin Bono, Mounir Al-Mohammadi.

• ⚽ Defense line: 

Naseer Mazrawi, Ghanem Sayes, Nayef Akrad (Jawad Yamiq), Ashraf Hakimi.

• ⚽ He is stationed in the midfield:

 Salim Amlah, Sufian Amrabat, Ezz El-Din Unahi (Abdul Hamid Sabiri).

• ⚽ Offensive line:

 Hakim Ziyech, Youssef Al-Nusairi, Sufyan Boufal (Zakaria Abu Khilal).

Morocco vs portugal match timing

As for the date of the Portugal-Morocco match for each country, it came as follows: –

• 4:00 pm GMT Algeria. 🇩🇿

• 4:00 pm Tunis time. 🇹🇳

• 4:00 pm Moroccan time. 🇲🇦

• 5:00 pm Egypt time. 🇪🇬

• 5:00 pm GMT Jordan. 🇯🇴

• 5:00 pm GMT Sudan. 🇸🇩

• 6:00 pm Saudi time. 🇸🇦

• 6:00 pm GMT Qatar. 🇶🇦

• 7:00 pm GMT, Emirates time. 🇦🇪

Suspension of the match between Morocco and Portugal

As for the commentators for the Morocco-Portugal match today, they are:

• On (BeIN Sport) channels, Moroccan commentator Jawad Baddeh

• Commenting on the same match on (Al-Kass) channels, Omani commentator Khalil Al Balushi

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