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Availability of subsidized airline tickets to Qatar

Availability of subsidized airline tickets to Qatar to watch the national team match 

Many of Rabati's fans, who are eager to attend and support the national team in the World Cup in Qatar, were surprised that subsidized tickets to attend the World Cup ran out only hours after announcing the allocation of subsidized flights for the benefit of the fans.

And our crew saw in front of Mohammed V Airport the presence of dozens of citizens who wanted to benefit from the subsidized tickets, but they were surprised by the answer that they were either sold out or even “walk even from a distance.”

Our crew tried to find out the reason from the person in charge, but they refused, claiming that they are servants of the system, and we cannot control it.

Knowing that a communiqué was issued in which the airline stated that it had established an air bridge between Casablanca and the Qatari capital, by providing about 30 flights with large-area aircraft, “in order to help Moroccans wishing to support the national team, and to live the feelings of the semi-finals of the World Cup.” the scientist".

Until the public at these moments is experiencing disappointment and mistreatment and is also surprised by the opposite of what was said in articles and news bulletins