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Yes, we are proud of you.. you raised our heads high.. you honored us and the whole nation ✌️

 Yes, we are proud of you.. you raised our heads high.. you honored us and the whole nation ✌️


But why today, Walid? Why did you change your plan today and play with a tactical approach with five defenders? It is a great indication that you are afraid, and it is the feeling that moved to the players, so that some of them appeared absent-minded, especially in the first minutes.

Walid tried to correct his mistake by entering salts and returning to his usual 4-3-3 approach, but it was too late as the opponent was ahead in the score.

Since the release of the national team list, it has been marred by many criticisms, especially the defense line, and the questions that always arise about the marginalization of Younes Abdel Hamid, who remains much better than Dari, and something about Al-Yamiq, who caused the two goals today. In my opinion, it remains better than the mold that we saw with Shadira and the legend, Hamdallah 😡

Our players did not have the "craft" or the so-called "tahramiyat" to pressure the referee who denied us a crystal clear penalty 🌞

Yes, there is pain and burning in the heart because it could have been better than it was, especially since our opponent today (regardless of being a world champion) was not better than us, but in the end we can only praise the courage of the players who defied injuries and exhaustion and brought great teams out of value Belgium 🇧🇪, Spain 🇪🇸 and Portugal 🇵🇹 so that the end of the dream is like the battle of the martyrs’ court, where our ancestors fell standing ⚔️

And this is how our fall today was honorable and with our heads raised 🇲🇦👏🏆⚽️