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Return of the news of Ronaldo's separation from Georgina:

 Return of the news of Ronaldo's separation from Georgina:

The news of the Portuguese star Ronaldo's separation from Georgina Rodriguez has recently returned to the public, and social networking sites have spread to him after he was reported by many pages concerned with celebrity news.

Similar to what was circulated through the networks, Ronaldo expelled his girlfriend and mother of his children Georgina of his home, after he expelled her personal trainer, who is also his friend, because of leaking pictures of them together. In the stadium after the news, where she was present in the match that took place, between the Portuguese national team and its Spanish counterpart, in the European Nations League competitions.

The public circulated pictures of Georgina while she was in the stands of Braga Stadium in Portugal, where she is keen from time to time to be present with Ronaldo.

News reports revealed that Rodriguez supported her lover and the father of her children after he was seriously injured, about two weeks ago, in his country's match against the Czech Republic.

Her presence in that match comes after the recent criticism of the Portuguese star, and many demanded that he be excluded from the team’s formation against Spain, and stay on the bench, after his poor performance in his team’s match against the Czech Republic, as he could not score any goal, despite Portugal’s victory. Four goals to none.