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The decision Ronaldo to leave Manchester came as a shock to everyone

 The decision Ronaldo to leave Manchester came as a shock to everyone

But for his teammates, the situation was quite the opposite

The severity of what was recently confirmed by ESPN

Which revealed the reaction of players from United in the team's dressing room

When they know the Don's decision.

I'm sure the responses were extremely positive

So much so that I, after the players, celebrated when I heard the news

According to the American channel, the Portuguese United players are a heavy burden on them

And I, his presence, results in nothing but negative pressures and a tense atmosphere

And far from his childish behavior, according to some people

The number 7 was expecting better levels from some of his teammates

They are led by Marcus Rushford and Harry Maguire

Which made these people in particular welcome him to leave the club in order to get rid of his inconvenience

The meter is in this woman. I even some club legends have the same attitude

Like Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney, and Gary Neville

Gary Neville "He will remain among the best players of all time, but I will not accept this behavior from him. No one has the right to control the club or the coach."

Wayne Rooney: "He scored a lot of goals since his comeback but I was looking forward to the club's future and had to sign hungry young players. Ronaldo is not the player he was when he was in his twenties."

Did this sensitivity play a role in the Don's desire to leave Old Trafford?