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the American League and The French Baseball League

 the American League and National League

When the American League and National League were created in 1901, baseball became a player-driven game.

This did not last for very long as both leagues had their own set of rules before coming together to form the rules we follow today, which remain mostly unchanged through time. With different sets of rules, they also had different designations (league and division name) and a schedule suited towards their league's own enjoyment.

For example, the American League enjoyed eight doubleheaders whereas the National League didn’t play any. Both leagues still managed to play 154 games as opposed to our 162-game schedule.

French national baseball league

The French Baseball League is comprised of two divisions. Division 1 consists of sixteen teams, each having a roster of twenty-five players. As a regular season, they have eight rounds with every team playing eighty-four games. The last six rounds are considered the play-off part of the season with the teams being seeded by their standings in the regular season to determine matchups prior to then, and top five teams in Division 1 contest for the championship as well as for spots in next year's World Series.

Division 2 also has sixteen franchises and each team has thirty players on their roster. Teams only play eighty games a season but it may end sooner if necessary due both to playoff results and when an entire league completes or exceeds 100 games (the limit set number). Sixteen teams qualify

The Ligue américaine de baseballl is the highest level of baseball in France. Unlike the United States, though, it is largely ignored by the public.