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raja is living his worst

 raja is living his worst

The managing office of Raja Sportive Football announced that a number of changes have been resolved during the next stage inside the Green Castle.

And sources announced that the managing office of Raja had been responsible for the recent negative results of the green team players, after the team leader, Aziz Al-Badrawi, wrote on his “Instagram” page, in which he stressed that Raja is living through its worst conditions and that there are many things that will be replaced in the coming days, saying : “Raja is living in its worst condition, in light of the lack of adaptation of the defense and attack lines, and the absence of the midfield.. My special midfield recovers the lost for me, and its percentage in the match against Safi reached 70%, and against Ittihad Towarka for 72%, which is a very large percentage.

On the other hand, sources confirmed that Faouzi Benzarti is considering leaving the team because of problems between him and the management and some officials of people within the technical management of the club, especially after Abdelilah Fahmy, Hisham Abu Sherwan and Hilal Al-Tair, were responsible for the last contracts in the summer Mercato. Which Bizerte confirmed as weak and did not make any additions.

Aziz Al-Badrawi published a picture of an emergency meeting held the day before yesterday, Monday, that brought together the team president and coach Benzarti, during a discussion of the team's situation and determining the future of the team's technical management.

The Raja office asked Benzarti to determine his way with the club if he wanted to complete the journey or leave, stressing that if he was thinking of leaving the club, he had to notify the team so that they would have the opportunity to contract with a new coach and give the opportunity to prepare the team during the period of the current championship.

The same sources added that the Raja office asked Benzarti, in the event of completing the journey, to find a quick solution, especially since the current squad of players will not change and therefore he must adapt to the team, waiting for the next winter Mercato in order to strengthen the team with new elements.

The same sources concluded that the Raja administration also met with the rest of the technical staff in order to find out the reasons for the negative results and find solutions quickly with the aim of getting out of the accumulation of negative results that the green team is going through, which was unable to win this season and was satisfied with only two points from two draws and a defeat.